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106 Venues in 16 weeks leads to success for shed manufacturer

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

UpFront Marketing recruits, trains and executes program, leading to one of the top producing roadshow events.

Event Synopsis:

When UpFront Marketing was approached by one of the largest shed companies in the nation to provide sales talent to all of their pop-up events across the country, the UpFront Marketing’s team prepared to execute at a high level. With 106 venues and a lead time of 16 weeks to get things moving, UpFront was tasked with finding and providing staff that would provide the full package and not only sell products but represent the client and the venue with professionalism. Customers who come to these pop-up events are use to interacting with knowledgeable, upbeat, professionals, who can guide them to the products they are looking for.

Action Taken:

UpFront Marketing sought professional and articulate talent through their existing database as well as recruited with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship with the client. UpFront identified teams across the county that could gain the needed knowledge of products and share it effectively with potential customers. Each candidate was selected based on previous work experience and how they presented themselves through the recruiting process. When staff was acquired they went through extensive training to prepare them to be effective at product education and sales, as well as making sure each pop-up location had adequate team coverage. It should also be noted that staff retention was maintained by paying top dollar and offering great bonuses.


As a result of this effective campaign, we were able to position the Client’s products at the top of the list of high performance in the retail space and the sheds became one of the top ten producing road shows.

To continue to grow and meet the need, UpFront Marketing built sales teams across the country that introduced the sheds to a variety of consumers. As a result of our field teams execution, we became one of the largest revenue streams for the shed company.


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