• Dan Frank

Multi-state product launch

UpFront Marketing creates success by managing product launch in short window of time and at hundreds of locations to across the country.

Event Synopsis:

UpFront Marketing was approached by one of the largest clothing brokers in the Nation to provide staff support in multiple retail locations across the country. As a means of accomplishing that goal, our support team was given the following tasks: (1) assist store customers (2) maintain the product on the floor (3) report to client with timely, specific information.

With hundreds of retail locations in each state and a small window for execution, UpFront assembled a team and went to work. We reached deep into our database to find the right talent that could provide appropriate services to the customer and the retailer while being able to complete reports as scheduled.

Action Taken:

Utilizing the strengths of our IT Department and internal project managers, UpFront developed a real-time reporting pipeline. It was updated by the minute to make sure everything was accounted for and that the client’s metrics were being met.


UpFront was able to assist the client in sales and execution with such success that the product was taken from a roadshow environment to being regularly carried “inline” in one of the largest warehouse stores in the world. It appears that UpFront worked itself out of a great job!


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